Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weather Update

Just heard from Steve Howie, director of Kaufman County's Office of Emergency Management, and here's the latest weather update for tonight:

1. Rain will move in tonight after midnight.

2. The temperature will fall below freezing between midnight and 3 am and will not rise above freezing until 10-11 am Thursday.

3. The winds will be 25-35 mph with higher gusts.

4. Expected accumulations are up to 1" of ice then 1" - 3" of snow on roadways. The Northern 2/3 of the county will be getting heavy snow around 9 am.

5. Road impacts are likely. Confidence is High. Ice is expected to form affecting Roads, Trees, and Elevated surfaces.

6. This will be very much like last Tuesday except the temperatures will rise above freezing on Thursday shorting the duration of the event.

Bundle up and be safe.

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