Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiger basketball continues to tease

Watching the Terrell boys dismantle Forney 57-45 last night brought several things to mind.
The first thing was this is exactly what they should have done to Forney the first time they played them.
In that game, Forney escaped with a two-point victory in that Dec. 14 game the Tigers had no business losing.
This was the first game since the Nacogdoches Tournament when they blew out Robert E. Lee and Diboll by a combined 83 points.
The second thing was Terrell needs to take the fight to the opponent. The Tigers were the more athletic team and the more aggressive team on Tuesday night.
Next, the Tigers are better as a whole puzzle and not as pieces to a puzzle. The Tigers got balanced scoring Tuesday night as they five guys scored at least nine points. When you have this many offensive options it puts the defense in a bind.
As prolific a scorer as Jherrod Stiggers is and as fun as it is to watch him go 1 on 5 to take over games, it rarely turns out well for the Tigers. Everyone needs to be involved on offense but make no mistake Stiggers needs to get his share if the Tigers want to be successful.
This team is best when they share the ball on offense and are keeping teams out of the paint on defense.
Close losses to Forney, Waxahachie, West Mesquite and Ennis were marred by allowing constant dribble penetration into the paint.
While it would be suprising to see Terrell go on a hot streak and make the playoffs, it would not be shocking. This teams has it in them they have to show it more consistently over the next six games.

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